converter IDE

The mendelson EDI/XML/EDI converter IDE provides an graphical environment for creating EDI/XML conversion/mapping tables for mendelson software (mendelson EDI/XML/EDI converter and the mendelson business integration) and also for other integration software (like SAP BC, SAP XI, SAP NetWeaver, Bea WebLogic, IBM Websphere, JBOSS, ...).

As an enterprise-grade development platform, mendelson EDI/XML/EDI converter IDE provides an interface for solving real-world data transformations while ensuring flexibility and portability through utilization of open standards.

The solution is based on open standards and state-of-the-art technology. It is written for the JAVA plattform and uses the newest XML technology.

The following integrated features and tools help you to develop, test and debug format conversions:

  • Integrated graphical editors for format descriptions, format conversions (XSLT), EDI data, XML data
  • Automatic format recognizion for all EDI formats and many XML formats
  • Integrated log
  • Comfortable text editor
  • Fully threaded, start as many operations as you would like to simutanously and set their priority
  • Online help system

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