mendelson EDI/XML converter


The mendelson EDI/XML converter is a modern tool that allows to convert any structured data. This includes all kind of XML, EDI, CSV or flat format data.


The mendelson converter runtime allows to process any know EDI formats like SAP IDoc, EDIFACT, ANSI X.12, VDA and Odette. The formats are defined by external files called format descriptions. Because there is no format specific code in the converter it's fairly easy to let the converter convert even every kind of structured inhouse formats.

The mendelson converter IDE is an additional product of mendelson and allows to develop all necessary files for the converter in an integrated, graphically environment.

The conversion process contains of three steps:

  • to XML converter
  • XML to XML converter
  • from XML converter

the universal converting solution

  • Written in pure Java, tested on many platforms list Win 2000, Win NT, Win XP, Solaris, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Needs JKD 1.2 or higher
  • The converter includes no format specific code, all conversion information are provided by external files
  • High performance and flexibility using a minimum of resources
  • Could work on any structured data, from CSV to flat format and any EDI (SAP Idoc, VDA, EDIFACT, Odette, Baan, ANSI X.12, ...) to any inhouse format
  • Uses open standards like XML and XSLT, internal programming is based on standard interfaces like DOM and JAXP


  • Easy to integrate into all application servers using the also shipped EJB interface
  • Command line interface for easy integration into existing EDI frameworks
  • SOAP integration
  • Userdefined Error Handling

mendelson EDI converter

The mendelson EDI converter can process all known EDI formats like: EDIFACT, EANCOM, IDOC, ODETTE, VDA, ANSI X.12, TRADACOM, HL7, Flatfile, CSV, GAEB, BAAN, Inhouse.

mendelson XML converter

The mendelson XML converter can process all known XML formats like: RosettaNet, Biztalk, ebXML, Opentrans, BMEcat, xCBL, cXML, CA-XML, SAP-XI-XML.

To XML Converter

  • Converts all structured data to XML with high performance using only a few system resources
  • Format description defines the format of the incoming data
  • Prepare incoming data using predefined or user defined character filters (Unix-Windows, EBCDIC-ASCII)
  • Detailed error check of incoming data
  • Localized to different languages
  • Create user defined attributes at the target
  • Replace source expressions using regular expressions
  • User defined output tags
  • Pass values dynamically at runtime to the conversion
  • Detailed debug option allows very fast to create error free conversions

XML to XML Converter

  • Transformation of XML structures, based on XSLT
  • Access of SAP systems or any JDBC databases
  • Use the mendelson functions to access system data, conversion tables (e.g. for qualifier conversion), date/time converter, format converter ..
  • Pass user defined system data to the conversions at runtime

From XML Converter

  • Uses the same format descriptions as the "to XML converter"
  • Converts all XML data to structured formats with high performance using few system resources
  • Incoming XML data formats are defined using format descriptions
  • Change outgoing data characters using predefined or user defined character filters (Unix-Windows, EBCDIC-ASCII)
  • Pass values dynamically at runtime to the conversion
  • Detailed debug option allows very fast to create error free conversions

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